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Model: STOC-3200
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer


TOC (Total Organic Carbon), which directly shows the total organic content, is regarded as a key factor to evaluate pollution potentials of organic compound in water. Our TOC can meet requirements for application in water analysis, environment monitoring, pharmaceutical production, quality control, processing control etc.


  •  Signal management system with our own patent law which has great advantages Of online setting, real-time monitoring, self testing and flow rate control to ensure high performance and safe operation
  •  Low current system design also ensures operation safety.
  •  Different temperature setting for various samples ensures complete sample digestion so as to get more accurate measuring data.
  •  Adjust cooling module power according to sampling volume which improves drying performance to ensure dry gas into the detector.
  •  Automatic leak check system to avoid operation mistakes and improve instrument performance, so as to ensure operation safety and instrument’s Safety.
  •  Flow rate controlling system to avoid any effect caused by flow rate fluctuation which Ensure accurate data.
  •  TOC detector with 24 bits data solution extends monitoring range. Controlling system With 32bin processing technology greatly improves performance.


Model STOC-3200
Detector NDIR
Parameters TC,TIC,TOC,NPOC
Digestion Mode Wet chemical oxidation by UV
Operation Mode PC Control
Application Liquid Sample, Gas Sample
Gas Requirement Nitrogen>99.995%
Measurement Range 0-10000mg/I
Detection Limit 5ug/I
Repeatability 3%
Maximum Salinity 85g/I
Power AC220V,50Hz or AC110V,60Hz
Size 430*455*440mm

Other Details


Sample Measurement processing monitoring

  •  Set different Name, concentration and sample volume
  •  Real-time sample reaction
  •  On-line AVG and RSD calculation of testing results

Display and monitoring of sampling

  • Sampling volume real-time monitoring
  •  Automatic sample draining monitoring
  •  Real time display and monitoring for heating, cooling
  •  And furnace temperature
  •  Auto Switch of Sampling and Draining
  •  Acidification operation by peristaltic pumps

Scanning Curves

  • Samples Curves shows in the same coordinate system
  •  For easy reading of repeatability

Parameter Setting Interface

  •  Setting for heating and cooling temperature;
  •  Acidification sampling and draining time; Basic setting
  •  For Pump, valve and temperature control
  •  Press “TC Ë® Clean, the system will automatically start
  •  Drain-add Sodium per sulfate-Draining-Sampling-Draining

Halogen Scrubber Design

  •  Remove Halogen and Moisture
  •  Avoid any effect on the results caused by impurities

Four In One TIC Reactor Design

  • Helpful to remove inorganic carbon by acidification and heating digestion
  • Cooling function to remove moisture in carbon dioxide
  • Gas buffer design to avoid parts broken caused by high pressure
  •  High moisture removal function

High Temperature Pyrolysis system

  • Complete pyrolysis for samples with high temperature
  •  Set different pyrolysis temperature for various samples

NDIR High Efficiency Detector

  •  Detector with special surface treatment technology to ensure ideal performance
  •  24 bit A/D Converter to ensure stable data, low noise, and wide measurement
  •  Range and high speed
  •  32bin signal processing technology to ensure the instrument’s content
  •  Temperature functions with 0.01°C temperature tolerance.



  • Head Office
  •    3-Syed Mauj Darya Road Lahore
  •    +92-42-37312378/37356445
  •    info@newchemical.com.pk
  • Karachi Office
  •    Humera Center Office # B13,
  •             188/1-A, Block-2, PECHS Karachi.
  •    +92-21-34526689

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